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Scott “Dilbert” Adams just put a post up that goes well with the discussions we’re having here regarding religious and Atheist violence and the body counts of each. I imagine there will be many comments there so go join the fray.

***update – Scott Adams says he accidentally deleted his own post.  The post and the comments up to that point that were deleted can be viewed here.  I don’t think you can add more comments at this point. ***

The CBC program Ideas recently did a piece called “On Radical Orthodoxy” that is worth a listen.

And on the podcast Nuclearity the topic was “Without A Father” and featured Donald Miller talking about his book To Own a Dragon. I’ll be doing a series on Miller’s book Blue Like Jazz shortly so go ahead and get familiar with him.

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Erwin McManus“Is Faith Nonsense?”
CBC RADIO – The Enright Files – “A Celebration of Charles Taylor”

about: Charles Taylor

Mark Driscoll – not your typical Mother’s Day Sermon.


A very useful list of blogging resources .

Scot McKnight offers some advice about blogging.


James Hannam at Bede’s Journal takes a look at Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion”

Michael Spencer (The Internet Monk) takes a look at the king of criticality, Ken Silva.

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