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I am often puzzled at the willingness of Conservative Evangelicals to throw in a CS Lewis or GK Chesterton quote here and there. Chesterton was of course a Catholic convert and Lewis an Anglican who believed in some sort of purgatory after death. He also believed that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, when practiced in their purity, shared common space. What follows is from a letter he wrote to someone who had recently converted to Catholicism:

Magdelen College,
Nov. 10th 1952

Dear Mrs. _________,

It is a little difficult to explain how I feel that tho’ you have taken a way which is not for me I nevertheless can congratulate you — I suppose because your faith and joy are so obviously increased. Naturally, I do not draw from that the same conclusions as you — but there is no need for us to start a controversial correspondence! I believe we are very near to one another, but not because I am at all on the Rome-ward frontier of my own communion. I believe that, in the present divided state of Christendom, those who are at the heart of each division are all closer to one another than those who are at the fringes. I would even carry this beyond the borders of Christianity: how much more one has in common with a real Jew or Muslim than with a wretched liberalising, occidentalised specimen of the same categories. Let us by all means pray for one another: it is perhaps the only form of “work for re-union” which never does anything but good. God bless you.

Yours most sincerely
C. S. Lewis

Thank-you to Michael Spencer at internetmonk.com for the quote.

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“The man who is proud of an abstruse and technical doctrine, difficult to acquire and acquired by few, may be proud in the same way as another man who is pleased with a sweet religious ignorance that makes him feel complacently superior to all learning.”

Thomas Merton
The Ascent to Truth

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